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Our Journey So Far…

Shoban Narayanan | Samundeswari Vaidhyanathan

Bluepetas | Shoban & Sam

Welcome to Bluepetals!

Bluepetals is a brand that was created by a passionate couple, Shoban and Sam wiith a deep love for visual effects, film production, travel, and a simple lifestyle, we’ve created Bluepetals as a portal to share our experiences with the world.

Our journey began in 2004 when we met in the industry, and as a married couple we’ve continued to embark on this adventure together since then.

At Bluepetals, we not only share our lifestyle and travel experiences but also showcase our recent credits in various visual effects shows we’ve been involved in. We invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn, where we can further discuss our experiences and provide guidance within the industry.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey at Bluepetals!

Visual Effects: With a wealth of experience in the visual effects industry, we are proud to have earned credits in Hollywood films and television shows, along with receiving honors and recognition within the industry since 1995. Our work has taken us to various locations around the world, including India, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Vancouver, Toronto, and Adelaide as international professionals working with various studios across countries.

Throughout our careers, we have held various roles such as Senior Compositor, Comp Supervisor, and Vfx Supervisor for television shows and feature films in the domestic and international projects.

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of visual effects and consistently strive to create stunning and realistic visuals that captivate audiences.

We look forward to sharing our industry knowledge, experiences, and insights with you at Bluepetals.

Travel & Lifestyle: For us, traveling is much more than just a vacation – it’s a way of life. Our job allows us to discover and explore new destinations, becoming our next place to live and experience in our journey of life.

Our travel philosophy is centered around simplicity and a focus on what truly matters. We follow a few guiding principles: no obligations, doing our best to help others when possible, act without expectations, avoiding unnecessary troubles, and embracing a minimalistic lifestyle with gratitude for what we have.

Join us at Bluepetals as we share our travel experiences and inspire others to discover the beauty of the world, while leading a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


Experimental Short Film


Parthavin Aanadhi – A typical Masala Tamil Film Scene experimented with Friends during covid times, Completely Shot in Vancouver. Feel free to share your thoughts and comment in the below youtube link.

Shoban Narayanan

Writer/Director, StudioPoint Productions

Sketches on the go! Time to time i take break from my professional work and dive deep into my own space to shape my fine art background over a coffee at this special and unique places we visit. Please find my sketches and clicks i took on this joutney!

Samundeswari Vaidhyanathan

Creative Artist, Bluepetals

Visual Effects

Show Credits

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