a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step                                              – Lao Tzu



Our Journey So Far…

Shoban Narayanan | Samundeswari Vaidhyanathan

A true story of passionate young minds Shoban & Sam connected through the art of Visual Effects in 2001, bluntly believed and trusted each other for the journey in to the world of bluepetals.

” Bluepetals”-  a world within the world who respect time, being independent and deliver the best, push your boundaries, value your time, help the thriving skill, be disciplined, travel & spread Love.

Shoban began his career as a Graphic artist after completing his professional course in early 1995. His eye for detail and creative art direction skillset put him on spot in the industry and landed him various roles from 3D generalist to on set vfx supervision roles for over 15yrs in the domestic feature film and television industry.

My first job as an vfx artist i started my career working under his supervision and we both enjoyed our creative collaboration that enhanced the quality of our work. He supervised and produced various visual effects based television shows and feature films working along with studios in multiple languages and cities. His credits include over 60 feature films and over 15 episodic television shows in the domestic industry.

In 2009, his journey continued in the international market and worked in various cities including Kualalumpur, Dubai, Toronto, Adelaide, Vancouver and Los angels. It is constant decesion by both of us to make the choice that we believe in and work along together to action our every step of our goals. Later 2010, travelling across countries really bonded us even more stronger and that resulted in our career over the time. We both had opportunities to show case our strengths with studios across countries in this journey and I am proud that he has been nominated multiple times for outstanding visual effects catagory in Canadian Screen Awards for television shows produced by top studios in Canada. In 2022, his next challenge began with LA based studio for multiple tv shows as inhouse vfx supervisor.

2001 [ A new begining ]

In 2001, I was working as senior compositor / supervisor role and met her for the first time in the studio and can’t say it’s a love at first sight but working together really had the pleasure of joy and its a emotion that felt comfortable having a conversation that is even sometimes meaningless..trust me everyone who find this stage of life not needed any advice or acountable for wasting time.

Her excellence in artistic skillset influenced me to draw her attention and her multi talented skillset in website designs, digital art and as a compositing artist opened up her oppurtunities working with studios in various cities and credited on popular films in short period. Eventually we both tied the knot and in 2009 our journey started in the international market.

She worked in top shows over the years in senior compositor role in various studios including, Vancouver, Adelaide and Toronto since then.

In 2021 her dream became reality to work with Weta Digital for the amazing show BLACK ADAM.

Experimental Short Film


Parthavin Aanadhi – A typical Masala Tamil Film Scene experimented with Friends during covid times, Completely Shot in Vancouver. Feel free to share your thoughts and comment in the below youtube link.

Shoban Narayanan

Writer/Director, StudioPoint Productions

Sketches on the go! Time to time i take break from my professional work and dive deep into my own space to shape my fine art background over a coffee at this special and unique places we visit. Please find my sketches and clicks i took on this joutney!

Samundeswari Vaidhyanathan

Creative Artist, Bluepetals

Visual Effects

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